Response to 100 Tucson women who’ll wish they didn’t care so much

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Litigation coming against Episcopal Church – LGBT alliance: investigation and formal discovery process will be most instructive. 

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Following excerpted from satirical essay, Episcopal Church – LGBT 

Chupacabras: something wicked this way comes:

“. . . *In recent days, researchers have huddled with counter – terrorism
officials in FVEY member countries about new findings that appear to
suggest that Erasers’ well-known preference for victims from Britain has
gone manic. *
*“Experts say that examinations of data from three social media posts set
in and around the UK seem to indicate that Britons have experienced a
massive attack from the marauding carnivores. Recorded views for 3 excerpts
from a World War II article set at the Great Ashfield Airdrome in Eastern
England – home of the USAAF’s 385th Bomb Group – increased from 1,026 to
1,159 before plunging to 145.”*

*Thus endeth the excerpt.*

Complete satirical essay, Episcopal Church – LGBT Chupacabras: something
wicked this way comes, at:

**Digital brief of law and images, complete with 1 min 5 sec video
introduction by attorney researcher, at:


Charles K. Bloeser, M.A., J.D.
Member, Bar of the State of Tennessee
Member, Bar of Supreme Court of the United States

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