Scienter: some of Arizona’s high achievers

Mr. Clyde Kunz, consultant to non-profits whose past and present Tucson clients include the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, which is the former employer of the COO at Primavera Foundation in Tucson, Arizona. Mr. Kunz is an Episcopalian and, like Mr. Howell Herring, a mentor in Education for Ministry (EfM), a 4-year theological studies program operated out of the School of Theology at the University of the South (Sewanee)) and serving – with mentor message board and other resources – EfM groups in more than 800 churches. Like Primavera Foundation’s COO, Mr. Kunz is a member of the LGBT community.

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mogadishu first battle image american soldier dragged through streets

Law and Images: American Law as Explained In First Amendment Opinion Cited 57 Times By Courts Across the Country Authorizes Civil Defamation Lawsuit Against The Episcopal Church and its LGBT allies

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