Charles Bloeser, MA, JD. A Statute in Need of Teeth: Revisiting the Posse Comitatus Act After 9/11. Add’l info from author re current projects follows.

Bloeser Revisiting the Posse Comitatus Act After 9 11 | Charles Bloeser –

“. . . Recent data received from Facebook reveal that one of those methods is to flagrantly lie to lawyer’s national security/defense/veterans audience that plaintiff followed and has now stopped following pages that plaintiff never would have followed in the first place and which are inconsistent with everything lawyer has ever produced or participated in, These include pages such as ‘’ and pages dedicated to those whose interests include aggressively waging political war in pursuit of a socialist agenda.”





Digital brief: Law and Images: First Amendment Opinion Cited 57 Times By Courts Across the United States Authorizes Civil Defamation Lawsuit


mogadishu first battle image american soldier dragged through streets

Screenshot_20190313-153759_Hancom Office Editor-1.jpg

Screenshot (3033)

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