Drinking coffee and looking out my window in Oklahoma’s Capitol complex, the statehouse never looked quite right until Frank Keating put a dome on it

Running across a photo from Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating’s birthday bash (photo that falsely alleges that this white boy can dance) got me thinking about the unscheduled leadership that the former FBI special agent and U.S. Attorney did not shirk from. Barely sworn into office when the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil up to that time blew apart downtown Oklahoma City and brought Oklahomans together in a way that famous newscasters from far away big cities simply couldn’t understand.

But Frank Keating also led public and private efforts to finally put a dome on the State’s capitol building. From my office in the Capitol complex overlooking that structure, I’ve got to admit that it never looked quite right until Gov. Keating put a dome on the thing.




halloween with the guys and girls OKC

Screenshot_20190305-031825_Hancom Office Editor.jpg

Oklahoma-City-bombing-1996 Pulitzer Prize. Image by Charles Porter IV 300 x 393

Joshua_Wheeler_portrait. 250 x 333


Screenshot (2584)

Screenshot_20190307-210032_Adobe Acrobat.jpg




Screenshot_20190107-154205_Drive (1).jpg



About image 1: maternal grandma pays quick visit to me at my Oklahoma Capitol complex office at 2501 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City.

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