276 other supporters of U.S. Marines give a thumbs up to content posted by a guy there’s no evidence was ever in their Facebook group to begin with . . . well, there used to be evidence.

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Facebook member yanked from Leatherneck Lifestyle (The Underground) – a closed Facebook group – and records of his membership in the group obliterated, following another post from him that connected well with fellow group members. Thank God for screenshots, right?

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Facebook group membership data for this member accessed more than a year earlier, on 16 March 2018, confirms his membership in closed group for U.S. Marines and those who support our Marines:

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This post with data and emergency contact info for past and present female service members on the edge of suicide – featuring a United States Marine who shot herself shortly after her first VA visit – is an example of content posted for this group by this Facebook member and the kind of engagement prompted by his posts to this group.

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Following Facebook group membership record requested and accessed today, 11 May 2019. No evidence of this Facebook member ever being in the group. And Facebook record of more than 150 pages of posts and comments by this member, requested and accessed today, reveal that all evidence of his membership in this closed FB group for U.S. Marines and their supporters has been obliterated.

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Here are some results of Facebook member’s attempts to find his old Facebook closed group, Leatherneck Lifestyle (The Underground), attempted 11 May 2019: