EMails: For an entire year before extremist left alliance launched its baseless attack on an innocent American citizen in Tucson, Arizona, clergy and laity with the Episcopal Church, from the Presiding Bishop on down, obstructed one attempt after another to resolve feud for the benefit of America’s wounded warriors and their families.



I’ve tried and failed to communicate to those who love me that I’ve never given up on our wounded warriors nor their families. Using my skill set, some scars in the right places,  and the clear and the polished and the cracked and the broken lenses my life’s given me, to produce high octane, practical research products that others can use to save lives, is the closest I’ll ever come to thanking these remarkable men and women for their service and sacrifice to our Nation and to the American people.

Fighting with the Rabid Left over human smuggling and Drag Queen Story Hour are not the work I’m best equipped to do. And they’re not the best way that I can serve those who’ve honored this nation by their service and sacrifice.

Besides, I’m a bookish, introverted type. “Cerebral,” as a couple of federal prosecutors have described me. I don’t like being the focus of attention, and I despise shining a spotlight on others because it seems the only way to protect them from harm. Especially harm they’ve done nothing to deserve.

But what we see over and over again in these emails are good faith, well-considered efforts to shut down this goddamned war so that we can get back to those who deserve a hell of a lot better than they’re getting from us.

Here’s an example from a 14 November 2018 email to “Punch” Woods, longtime confidant of recalcitrant radicals Peggy Hutchison and Beth Carey. I try to talk sense into him with three examples of research issues that very few, if any, are as equipped as I to recognize, let alone know what to do with them.



Their response? By hook or by crook launch a PSYOP capture or kill mission against a woman who’s done nothing to them.

Except, of course, she loves me. And loving me – the object of their hate – is more than enough to impose on an innocent civilian their twisted form of justice. I just pray to God it’s not a capital sentence.



First priority for me is this woman’s safety and the best of federal resources and expertise for her recovery, at no expense to her or her family.

I’ve seen nothing from the Rabid Left to suggest that they’ll either act in good faith or obey the law about anything. Past performance from these folks leaves me uncertain they won’t attack her again.

And I could really use some folks to ride shotgun for me and get me key endorsements and technical support so that we can get this project funded and I can get back to the important stuff. For this to work, I need the broader national security professionals to know that I’m not the one who’s a threat to the Nation.

Shall we begin?

10 March 2018 email to Fr. Robert Hendrickson, III, rector at St. Philips Tucson, formerly handled corporate communication for Brooks Brothers, served as PR guy for Trinity Wall Street, and former Republican political operative, advising him that tentative referral was made to the authorities for possible investigation re apparent on-line child predator, who works as IT/cyber military contractor, and also appeared to be public policy adversary.






A brief detour: even though I’d found it necessary to make a tentative referral of the above IT/cyber govt contractor for investigation as an apparent on-line child predator, i included him, along with several other influential and highly networked persons I have good reason to believe could help bring a swift end to the conflict. Current bio and contact information for these individuals are among the contents of a giftwrapped three-ring binder that I personally delivered to the church office on or about Fr. Robert’s birthday before last, along with a card requesting assistance putting an end to the fight.

This was before I knew that the LGBT and human smuggling/sanctuary crowds were among my adversaries. This was before I learned that St. Philips Tucson is one of more than 750 Episcopal churches that have entered into formal relationships with Integrity, a nonprofit organization that for many years has been running a national political campaign that’s had great success achieving LGBT political goals. The goal that my former parish church in Tucson and 750 + other Episcopal churches have signed onto is one that, rather than guard society against all manner of sexual deviants, demands that we “welcome” and “affirm” them.




The individual I complain about to LinkedIn in the following request for assistance, summarily and without stated cause threw me out of a 70,000 member vet-focused LinkedIn group, and he manages a dozen social media networks for the same national security crowd my work is supposed to be serving. He’s among those included in Fr. Robert’s binder.







It’s not terribly important for you to read the following letter, although you may find it informative.

But it’s part of my effort to fight back against lies and insinuations made to the very audience I’m trying to serve. Lies that I’m the one who’s really a radical, anti-govt resister. A threat to America as pitched by those who’ve inflicted more harm on the United States and on the American people than could the combined inmates on a dozen states’ death rows. 







Jumping ahead to 5 September 2018 email to Fr. Robert inquiring as to whether he thought that the continued strangling alive of almost everything I produced or shared to benefit vets and their families might be prompted by a aggression related to a 2004 article for my fellow lawyers and my work for Senator Jim Inhofe, a reliable conservative from Oklahoma and current Chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee













14 September 2018 follow-up email to Fr. Robert again requesting that he facilitate a meeting with a Mr. Bill Carrell, an apparent associate of the gentleman I referred for possible investigation as an apparent on-line child predator, and someone I have good reason to think has information that may be key to finally resolving the conflict with this extreme leftist alliance so that I can get back to the serious business of research fbo wounded warriors and their families. As i advised Fr. Robert on 10 March and as I had previously advised the authorities, I learned about Mr. Carrell because he appeared separately on the incriminating Facebook page of the IT/cyber govt contractor. I advised both Fr. Robert and the authorities I’d made the referral about that I’d seen nothing to suggest that Mr. Carrell might also be (apparently) involved with very young girls.



I think I’ll let Fr. Mark Schultz, Curate for Children and Youth at St. Philips Episcopal in Tucson, speak for himself:






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10 July 2018 email to Conrad Plimpton re further show of good will by me to adversaries, following substantial showing of good will on 7 November 2018.

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This may be a good place to insert a 10 July 2018 supplement to my 12 May 2018 crime report and accompanying evidence that I filed with the FBI IC3 (cybercrimes) office. It references my 22 June 2018 attempt to get advice re an armistice that I wanted to propose, from a DOJ attorney at the USAO’s office in Tucson. He’d been my opposing counsel in a federal civil case with my dad in the late 1990s.

A good faith mistake derailed that effort, though. Conrad told me that when he broached the subject of getting us together on this, that the AUSA angrily snapped that he didn’t want to have anything to do with me. They talked at a 7 July 2018 tropical-themed Rotary event that Conrad had invited me to at a country club on the east side of Tucson.

I was still putting together a substantial social-media focused good-faith peace offering the evening of 7 July 2018 and wanted to complete it and email it to Conrad before I left for the event. By the time I got there, though, Conrad had left to catch a plane from Sky Harbor. But he later told me that when he brought the matter up with that lawyer earlier on the evening of 7 July, it was the AUSA’s belief that I was the same person as my father that he gave for not wanting to have anything to do with me. Perhaps worse than that, the lawyer had, according to Conrad, as a result of that belief suffered great distress for nearly two decades.

When I later reflected on a fellow lawyer’s lengthy distress all because he made a simple mistake that I could have made, it got me thinking. An object lesson that I crafted for my fellow lawyers, appears after this IC3 supplemental.

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Screenshot_20190608-175730_Hancom Office Editor

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25 July 2018 follow-up email to Howell Herring, former deputy IT director for City of Philadelphia, who now serves in the same role for City of Tucson, and his wife, Mary Hickert Herring, St. Philips Tucson vestry member, yet again trying to get help settling the feud from this particularly well-networked couple, fellow University of the South (Sewanee) alumni, who served for 3 years as mentors of my Sewanee-based EfM theological seminar that meets Tuesday evenings on the St. Philips Tucson property.

A couple of notes of interest re Education for Ministry (EfM): more than 800 EfM groups, their mentors linked by an on-line messaging system, are run every year out of Sewanee’s school of theology. Sewanee, itself, was founded by the Southern dioceses of the Episcopal Church  and it remains as a cluster of institutions under authority of the Episcopal Church. As you’ll see in another email, Mr. Clyde Kunz, an influential Episcopalian who spends most of his hours working for the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona, was also approached by me in attempt to quiet the restless natives. Clyde is an LGBT community member who moved to Tucson to take a job  with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra some years ago, runs his own non-profit consulting business and is an EfM mentor at another Episcopal Church in Tucson.





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31 July 2018 email to Conrad Plimpton in advance of his meeting with Peggy Hutchison for the purpose, I was told, of defusing the ongoing conflict with the extreme leftist alliance.

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Let’s jump ahead, shall we? From August 2018 to 12 May 2019






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Screenshot (4584).png





31 August 2018 request for assistance in another attempt to resolve matters, request made of PR professional and involved local volunteer Donna Breckinridge in response to her request to connect on LinkedIn. Husband is Fr. Allen Breckinridge, another fellow Sewanee alum.


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12 September 2018: Yes, I stand behind my article and the legal reasoning on which it rests. Here’s just another wasted effort at showing good will so we can settle this damned thing and finally get back to doing right by the people who deserve better from us.



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Information prepared for Conrad Plimpton in advance of another meeting in New Jersey with Ranger Schleck 

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7 October 2018 failed attempt to get assistance shutting down the war at the Diocesan level from Episcopalian LGBT community member and non-profit professional Clyde Kunz, whose then current and past clients include Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation, longtime employer of Beth Carey, COO at Tucson’s Primavera Foundation and longtime confidant of Peggy Hutchison, Primavera Foundation CEO, and “Punch” Woods, former longtime director of the Southern Arizona Food Bank. Punch told me once that every three months, the three of them get together for supper at one of their homes.




Although the issues have changed since then, one might say that Beth Carey started this war in the Spring of 2017.  She told me in the upstairs hallway at Primavera’s building at 702 South 6th Avenue, Tucson, that she did not disagree with my structural analysis of an assessment tool used to decide which homeless vets and others get housing with federal dollars. She told me that it had, in fact, confirmed her long-time concerns about the survey instrument. My reports (March 1 and March 13, 2017) found that nearly six out of every ten questions on the analyzed survey instrument are, structurally, fatally flawed. The result is that the nationally used tool to pick who’s housed for 3 or 4 months and who’s kicked back to the curb determines relative vulnerability with the precision of a carnival raffle drum. 

Beth started the war when she, in the language of Western lore, told me to shut up and lie about it.




In March 2019, I began efforts to interest members of a local philanthropic group, 100 + Tucson Women Who Care, in three matters: (1) encouraging Arizona-licensed lawyers who practice business, non-profit organization, insurance, regulatory law, etc. to look into what would be required to establish and provide to those on the streets a secured refrigeration  service for insulin and other medications that are worthless if not kept cool; (2) exerting their influence to put a stop to local Drag Queen Story Hour activities held in libraries and bookstores around the country (these events are used to normalize sexual deviancy and to give sexual predators access to small children); and (3) to use their power and influence to get Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry to stand down and work toward a satisfactory resolution to the present conflict.

The concern I still have, and one which I’ve expressed to Bishop Curry, this group and others, is that if I’m left with no reasonable alternative to suing the Episcopal Church and members of its extreme leftist alliance for damages suffered by their vast and highly destructive character assassination campaign against me, the scope of permissible discovery and investigation activities in that type of case and under facts known so far would be so broad and so deep that it would, without doubt, discourage much private philanthropy, especially among donors who prefer to keep their financial matters private.

My hope was that if I could interest them in one or more of these issues, I might have a realistic chance of securing from their group both financial support and a public endorsement that might begin to undo some of the damage. But I swung and missed three times.






3 October 2018 proposed language for Ranger Jamie Schleck, Conrad’s friend who serves as COO at nationally-respected Community Solutions, in response to another meeting with Conrad and Ann 

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14 November 2018 email to “Punch” Woods, longtime confidant of recalcitrant adversaries Peggy Hutchison and Beth Carey, urging a peaceful end to the conflict and identifying three applied research issues very few others are qualified to do. No resolution followed this appeal either.

Three days later, on 17 November, Punch received the first of 5 written notice and warnings (including 2 reminders) for his Alliance allies not to take any action against a specific innocent woman because, due to a sufficiently-identified medical condition, any such act carried a very real risk of inflicting on her serious injury or death. Response from the Alliance? Launch the primary component of their attack against innocent victim at a support group that she attends for persons with that exact same, sufficiently identified medical condition. 

screenshot_20190608-175145_print spooler2738559908633839289..jpg

21 November 2018 response from me to suggestion of assistance from Ranger Schleck, following our on-line introduction – courtesy of Conrad – the night of the 7 November 2018 tropical party that I was running late for. 

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Here’s just one of several failed attempts to get Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry to do what’s right.


Screenshot_20190607-012613_Print Spooler

Screenshot_20190607-012626_Print Spooler

Screenshot_20190607-012637_Print Spooler



Screenshot (3949).png

There’s a lot more emails to quite a few more well-connected and influential Episcopalians and others, reflecting many more doomed good-faith attempts to get back to doing what I do best for past and present members of our various national security communities and their families.

But let’s just stop with yet another email to Peggy Hutchison, this one more than a year after I found it necessary to make a tentative report to authorities re a possible on-line child predator and following her alliance’s attacks on an extraordinary woman I’ve loved for a very long time. A woman who’s hoped month after month that I could stop this war, finally secure funding to support applied research activities for a population she cares a great deal about, too, and buy her a proper engagement ring.

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