The most hollow, soul-hemorrhaging client I’ve ever defended needed a first-rate cult expert able to show jurors a world most don’t believe exists.

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The criminal case against my client, which had been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas – Dallas Division – and which was ultimately resolved without the case going to trial, was part of a larger prosecution of a homicidal Mexican drug cartel that used cult acquisition and influence tactics to run its business. My client was the well-educated, articulate, and upstanding daughter of a good Dallas-area (if I recall correctly) family that had raised her right.

It was clear from my meeting(s) with my destroyed, non-verbal client’s father that this woman was deeply loved and an important and on-going part of her father’s life. The reason she needed me was that she was looking at spending the rest of her life, and then dying, in a federal prison because of a highly competent and unflinching U.S. Marine-turned-assistant U.S. attorney and a strong prosecution case arising from crimes she’d committed at the behest of her boyfriend’s drug cartel but which nothing in her character or past suggested she would ever have committed on her own.

My client hadn’t told her father about the boyfriend she was found in bed with, pornos still playing, when a SWAT team paid their quiet, tree-studded, middle-class neighborhood a visit shortly before 6 am.


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