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ONE GOOD RESULT OF ARROGANCE CHECK? Deliberative destruction of my own evidence – and everything else this lawyer had to fight with. 



Formal withdrawal of Letter asking U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to investigate the structural integrity of the VI-SPDAT. Original request July 24, 2017 (amended August 2, 2017); withdrawn 28 August 2019.


Withdrawal of CKB tentative referral to NCMEC re Mr. Parish Blevins of 10 March 2018; withdrawn 9 July 2019.


Request for closure without any action of CKB IC3 file re 12 May 2018 complaint (original IC3 form complaint – and supplemental filings – contain a box in which IC3 asks that suspects be identified: that box has remained empty throughout the process); request made 25 August 2019. [an assistant U.S. attorney located here in Tucson was informed by letter dated 22 June 2018 that [like every other action I’ve taken throughout,] this IC3 file was not started because I wanted to see anyone prosecuted and that I still thought it best that no one be prosecuted for any of this.]



I’m going through a self-imposed yet especially difficult and invasive personal examination. In explaining why I’ve decided to do this, I refer to this process as an “arrogance check.” But it’s much more than that. To be frank, this process is better described as a body cavity search of my soul.

In the months leading up to this self-examination, I removed a lot of content from social media that I’d created and posted but which I had – after learning even more about the subject – decided would better serve U.S. national security interests if kept private. I had also taken down everything I’d posted that was specific to one person of particular concern and everything that I’d decided was counterproductive to efforts to find peace. All too often, this conflict-focused content concerned matters that had never been my issues in the first place.


I don’t like some of what I’ve learned about myself during this self-examination. Over the last two weeks, I’ve destroyed, as best I know how, my capacity to fight in any forum, whether in the courts or public opinion or wherever else. A list of items that I can never get back, including some “strays” that I destroy whenever I find them, is below. Two points, though:

  • When this trial and appellate lawyer deliberatively destroys all of his own evidence, it means that I can see the forest despite the trees; and
  • When this former prosecutor consistently tells others that it would be a bad idea to prosecute anyone and of his own volition shuts down the only two “criminal” referrals that he’s made (10 March 2018 tentative referral of P. Blevins to NCMEC; and 12 May 2018 IC3 file), it’s because, in my world view pursuing justice for many through our service to those who need us is more important than me, personally, “having my day in court.”

Although I’m still running across stray content that I thought I had removed, my demonstrated intent is to make it impossible for me to ever again access anything I had that could be used to wage “war” either in the courts or anywhere else. This is not because I don’t trust myself to keep my promises. Quite the contrary. But why should I keep some folks anxious when they don’t have to be?

Here’s a list:

With the assistance of WordPress, I’ve permanently destroyed any and all of the following from my website:

* posts re conflict with the Episcopal Church and its allies, including but not limited to my former parish in Tucson and its alliance with LGBT community, including that with Integrity USA and 750 + Episcopal Churches;
*Drag Queen story hour related content;
*Content re Episcopal Church nexus between LGBT community and those supporting human smuggling and sanctuary jurisdictions;
*content introducing various legal concepts, including but not limited to SCOTUS decision requiring a warrant to use historical cellphone data to track people;
*posted content asking a TPD assistant chief who’s number 2 on the Board of the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation to take this or that action;
*IC3 content;
*content reporting concerns my dad expressed re LGBT politicization of public health response to HIV/AIDS epidemic arising from his tenure as the State of Arizona’s AIDS Health Program Manager in the late 1980s;
*content featuring pages from RCC Archbishops’ depositions to educate how vast is the scope of permissible questions that a deponent must answer;
*posts that draw attention to crimes and affirmed convictions of Peggy Hutchison and her co-conspirators
**[all posts specific to one named person who’s of particular concern have also been removed]

**I’m probably forgetting other content that I trashed last night, but that’s all I can remember right now;
*content containing combination of any of the above.

*of those I’ve found so far, anything listed above or which is similar-in-any-way, that appeared on my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

*I continue to permanently delete from my Google images file created content, third-party sourced information, and images that include originals, rebranded versions, and duplicates of pretty much everything I had re the relevant issues. I think I’ve got most of it.

I’ve also deleted, without taking anything with me [“exporting” ]:

*Both of my Mailchimp accounts

*My Instagram account

*1 of my 2 Pinterest accounts

So here are my questions for you:

(1) how can i best contribute to the Tucson non-profit community?

(2) how can I best benefit others now that I’ve for the first time ever, written publicly of my bipolar disorder and its relationship with my legal career in the way that I have?

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