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Good girls made bad: That my client’s boyfriend worked for a cultish, homicidal Mexican drug cartel and stole my client’s ability to refuse sex by use of human manipulation techniques was the least of her problems. 

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The late psychologist/psychopharmacologist Paul R. Martin, PhD. was among the rarest of expert psych witnesses available for civilian federal courts – a former “middle manager” in a religious cult whose specialization included capture, indoctrination, and manipulation of human beings. Not only did he know his stuff, he remained a curious and capable scholar until he died of cancer in 2009.

By investigating what I could, reading a lot about the topic, and meeting with my client’s dad down in Dallas, I was able to piece together enough information to know that I needed to find the rarest of experts.

I learned about Dr. Martin from news reports like the one that I’ve excerpted below. He started and ran a cult-recovery program in Ohio, which appears to be still in business, although they were reworking their website when I checked a few days ago.

Paul spent a lot of time meeting with my client in her jail south of Fort Worth. And the report that he produced was not only more thorough than most other expert reports I’ve ever read. It educated all of us, most importantly, another lawyer who was new to the case, a hard-charging U.S. Marine federal prosecutor, and a federal judge not known for mercy. And all at a time when the Federal Sentencing Guidelines were treated as mandatory, thus allowing little wiggle room for our clients.

Dr. Martin gave a whole lot of my client’s life back to her. And she’d been able to clean herself up and had begun to speak by the time my work for her was done.

The thing is, though, had I not found Paul Martin and had he not taken what had been done to my client not just to head, but to heart, that educated, cultured, articulate woman from a good, loving family – a woman who would never have wanted that life for herself – might still be in a federal prison somewhere.

Having sex with someone who can’t consent is rape – and it’s a damned good thing that rapists often go to prison but ALWAYS spend the rest of their lives on sex offender registries everywhere they go. Yet manipulators do it all the time with good girls they’ve made bad, all the while convincing their victims that they consented and the sex was great.

Anyway, this former prosecutor and father of a daughter has little patience for those who pick victims who are vulnerable – no matter the age, gender, or anything else. So, I hope what I’ve included below can help some folks.

I wish Paul were still around.





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